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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Snap Judgment LIVE in DC

On November 12, 2011, Snap Judgment LIVE performed in the heart of Washington DC at the Sidney Harmon Hall, just blocks from the White House. I was joined by our host and spiritual leader: Glynn Washington, and my band, David Brandt (drums) and Tim Frick (bass).

The piece we did with 15 year-old wunderkind Noah St. John has gone viral, racking up 250,000 views in a few days. Watch, and you'll see why:

If you liked that don't miss the rest of the show. Videos are posted below.

Glynn, the band and I met up the week before in Oakland to work with half the storytellers. (As usual, 1 hour per storyteller.)  Then we flew to DC, where we had a second rehearsal at NPR headquarters, where they have a nice studio:

Here's me and Jack McCarthy exploring ideas for his piece. 

Noah St. John returned for the finale. 

After the show Tim, Dave and I explored DC. I found the MLK monument very moving. All in all another amazing experience bringing together live storytelling and music.