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Monday, March 9, 2009

"Tracy" is complete

Three and a half years ago, I met Dan Scanlon. Dan told me about a movie he'd been working on for several years called "Tracy" about a children's TV host named Tracy Knapp.

A week later I met with Dan and Brian Fee, and Dan gave me his lyrics to "Imagination Train Station", a theme song for the imaginary TV show of the same name. The next day I wrote and recorded a demo. Fortunately Dan liked it, and he wound up using that "demo" version in the movie. (Special thanks to my son for having his toy train whistle laying around.) Dan did 60 seconds of brilliant 2-D animation to accompany the song, and has posted it here. After that, Dan invited me to score the rest of the movie.

Since then, on weekends, vacations, and evenings, Dan and I have been working on this movie. And it's finally done.

The first screening was held a couple of weeks ago, and hopefully it will get out there to film festivals so you can see it. Not only did Dan write, direct and act in a movie while holding down another full-time job (i.e. Pixar Director) but it's a really good movie. I'm proud to be a part of it. Learn more about the movie at the Tracy Movie Website.

Update: I've posted a couple of cues I did for the film: the Intro to the film, and the "Renaissance cue" which will make sense once you see the movie.... -AM