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Sunday, November 27, 2016

Into the Mouth of the Wolf: Composing for Acrobatic Artists

I've had the pleasure of collaborating with Jamie DeWolf over the past five years. Both with Snap Judgment Live, Tourette's Without Regrets, and some live shows with Shane Koyzcan.

Last year, Jamie turned me on the astounding acrobatic ensemble "Circus Automatic" and their latest project, "Raised By Wolves."

This is a group of acrobatic artists whose dedication is really inspiring to me. It's clear watching them that countless hours of training and practice have gone into their craft. There is something so subversive about athletes who choose to use their physical skill not to complete, but to realize art, and as they say "subvert the dominant paradigm".

In a country that elevates material success above all else, it's very humbling to see artists so dedicated to their craft, not motivated by financial concerns, but by expression.  I was very pleased to write an hour of original score for their shows in San Francisco, culminating with a mind-boggling display of balance by Orion. Here he is getting ready to blow the audiences minds: